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Release Notes

Version 5.93.0 (March 2019)


  • Ignore rows that are not included in a tree or network.

Version 5.91.11 (February 2019)


  • Restore viewport without depending on prior actions

Version 5.91.10 (January 2019)


  • Fix saved views that show a subtree


  • Reproduce saved views of subtrees more accurately


  • Subset project metadata based on IDs in tree

Version 5.91.7 (November 2018)


  • Enable Facebook login

Version 5.91.4 (November 2018)


  • Fix ordering of metadata blocks
  • Fix filtering in a subtree


  • Tidy controls styling


  • Temporarily disable Facebook login

Version 5.91.2 (October 2018)


  • Fix query string in download URLs

Version 5.91.1 (October 2018)


  • Fix link to API documentation in navigation drawer

Version 5.91.0 (October 2018)


  • Prevent chart from resizing when taking a screenshot

Version 5.89.2 (October 2018)


  • Fix hidden colour columns with no matching data column

Version 5.89.1 (October 2018)

  • Release of "The New Microreact" 🚀

Version 5.53.0 (May 2018)


  • Legend moved to sidebar
  • Legend now includes a section for each column used as metadata blocks


  • Performance increase through new canvas-based marker layer
  • Redesigned pie chart detail view
  • Resizable markers through marker size silder in map controls
  • Custom tile layers


  • Dragging nodes
  • Support for pos attribute in dot format
  • Support for edge properties: weight, colour, line styles
  • Adjustable node and label size
  • Labels can be hidden by setting size to zero


  • Fixed header
  • Display density


  • New implementation based on Chart.js
  • No imposed limit on number of datapoints (timeline grouping has been depricated)
  • Resize points
  • New windowing slider below main view
  • Adjustable playback speed


  • Performance increase through Phylocanvas 3
  • Re-rooting
  • Toggle switches in context menu
  • Horizontal zoom (ctrl key + mouse scroll, or cmd key + mouse scroll on Mac)
  • Vertical zoom (alt key + mouse scroll)
  • New zoom controls
  • Pie charts on internal nodes (via toggle switch in context menu)
  • Internal edges can be coloured (via toggle switch in context menu)
  • Leaf labels can be coloured (via toggle switch in context menu)
  • Fixed node and label sizes
  • Slider for metadata block length (avilable when metadata blocks are visible)
  • Metadata block columns moved to a new sidebar section
  • Collapsed nodes are excluded when exporting a tree as Newick format
  • Subtrees can be rotated (via context menu)


  • Filters moved to sidebar
  • History panel in sidebar, saves complete project state
  • Share current project state
  • Support for nexus files
  • Heatmap colour for numeric variables (__continuous or __numeric)
  • Persistent state when turning panels on and off
  • Add transparent colour filter
  • Separate the Shapes and Colours filters
  • Expand the number of shapes, supported shapes are:
    • none, dot, circle, square, triangle, star, hexastar, heptastar, octastar, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon, and octagon,
    • ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code to render the country's flag (e.g. gb), or
    • An emoji as an unicode symbol (e.g. 🔶 )
    • An emoji as a hexadecimal code point (e.g. \uD83D\uDE00 )


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